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How To Loot Any Refer & Earn Program With These Apps

tricks to loot anyrefer and earn program
Hello looters
Today i'll tell you how to loot any refer & earn program with some of the apps below. For this you need a Android rooted phone and Xposed framework installed in your rooted phone. If you don't have rooted phone then google it and root your phone. before you root i would like to say some thing which you should keep it in your mind. Rooted your phone will Loose Warranty. If you don't root properly then it will lead to Brick your phone.

1. Rooted Phone
2. IMEI Changer.
3. Android ID Changer.
4. Device ID Changer. (Optional)
4. Xprivacy
5. Hide My Root.
6. Fast Reboot

NOTE: This Apps Runs only on rooted phone.

What is Rooted Phone?

Rooting your android phone will unlock your OS so that you can install root apps, Remove Bloatware apps, Install custom recovery, modify your phone, you can spoof any app with fake details, fake your current location, install custom ROMs, Replace firmware and many more. in simple words you can do anything with your rooted phone. There are so many apps available in play store which only work if you have root access.

XDA Form is one of the best place where you can find all Android root process, Custom recovery, Custom Roms & Solutions if your phone Soft/Hard Bricked. Even you can get help from other Android Expert users.

My phone is Asus Zenfone 2 Laser Ze500kl and i have Soft bricked it 2 times. I was not able to turn on my phone. Was stuck at asus logo and was able to access only recovery. An Expert Helped me to fix it. So Guys if you have any problem with your android phone go to XDA Forum and find solutions get help from experts

What is Android ID Changer?

Every android phone contains a unique android ID. This is one of the simple and best app to change you android ID. This app will let you change your ANDROID_ID Values. this is available in play store. You need to purchase it from play store but you can download it for free
 - Click Here to Download

What is Device ID Changer?

As i said Android phones contains some unique IDs for each . This app will let you change all IDs Of your android device. This app gives the fake information of your phone to the selected app and you can restore it to the original information whenever you want. This app is free and also available in pro version. Difference between free and paid version is just advertisement. paid version don't have ads.
 - Click Here to Download

What is  Xprivacy Or Donkey Guard

Xprivacy is the dad of all apps.
Many people donno the power of xprivacy. In simple words i say this is Powerful all in one app. With the help of this app you can Spoof any app with fake details. It also ask which app is asking which permission with Two options Allow & Deny options. So guys This is a must have app to loot any refer & earn program. You don't need any app i mentioned here if your have Xprivacy.  For first time user its difficult to understand the app. but one you understand you can do anything and loot any refer & earn program.

What is Hide My Root?

In simple words. This app will hide your phone root information. Some apps check your phone is rooted or not. So this is useful to hide your root. this is a free app and available in playstore
 - Click Here to Download

What is Fast Reboot?

This is one of the best app to do fast reboot in your android device. When you do a refer program loot you need to reboot your phone when you change ID values. Every time rebooting your phone is really irritating and time wasting. This app have made this simple. This is free and many fast reboot apps are available in playstore.
 - Click Here to Download

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