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(15 Ways) Be Smart and Earn Money with Your Android Smartphone

Be Smart and Earn Money with Your Android Smartphone

make money with android

This is no doubt an era of digitization. And you can utilize your Android smartphones for making money at your flexible hours with less stress. There are various apps, which will allow you to earn cash by simply downloading apps, watching TV, or taking photographs. If you are interested then you can promote your business here

Let’s learn about these ways & apps

1. Blogger App:

If you have creativity, you can switch on to Blogger App that is offered by Google. This will help you to create your blogs for free. From right your Android, you can easily maintain your blogs, as this app is android-friendly. Google also provides users with the Ad Sense program. With this, you can enhance your business.

2. Freecharge, Mobikwik, and Paytm:

Through these apps, you can enjoy some exciting recharge offers with your android. There are also cash back offers, free coupons & vouchers. Through these apps, recharge services can be offered to others. Just approach others to get their recharge done through these apps via your credit or debit card. And you can perform this task on your cash back offer. As far as this is concerned, there is nothing to lose or gain. With this same process, you can also earn movie tickets and food vouchers.

3. Page Manager and Facebook App:

You can promote your business and earn money by using the Facebook page and Page manager app on your Smartphone operated by Android. The functioning is just like Whats App. And from around the globe, you can manage it. There is not any limitation in respect of geographical location.

4. Whats App:

Whats App is a widely popular messaging app. And if you install it on your Smartphone, you can utilize it for your freelance business.

5. Sell your used stuff:

You can sell your used stuff and earn money through the apps like OLX and Quikr. These platforms are free to get installed on your Android operating system. You can also use these devices on your tablets.

6. Scoopshot:

It is a brilliant idea to take snapshots and allow those for usage for journalists and websites through Scoopshot. The photographs can be related to the local happening of any event. And you can get paid through Scoopshot. What you need is to download the Android version of this app.

7. Google opinion rewards:

Google Opinion Rewards App is available only for Android operating system. Reward points would be given to you through this app. Later, you can redeem it by downloading android apps, movies, books, and music etc. only through Google services from the Play store. The requirement is that you have to complete 20-30 surveys every week. Your insights and reviews will be turned to the related companies. And you can trust Google with your eyes shut up. You need not to worry about its genuine nature.

8. Earn Money:

Earn Money is especially designed for the Android device. You will get paid by this app for downloading other apps. For earning money, you can also watch movies and complete surveys. The noteworthy fact about this app is that the payment is very low. And you should also have sharp internet facility along with enough time.

9. Viggle:

Viggle is available for both iOS and Android. You can earn reward points by watching movies, TV shows, and listening to songs and albums. The points are given instantly. This app also revitalizes your pocket by launching its Live section. In this feature, you have to answer the questions or polls at the time of the telecast of the show. You can redeem these points later but this is limited to a certain level.

10. Pact:

If you stick to maintain your healthy status, you can get paid for that. Pact app allows you thus to kill thus two birds with one stone. This application is also available for android and iOS. It depends on how active you are in achieving your goals. If goals are missed, you have to pay other users who have reached or are reaching their goals. So, this is not a platform for the lazy workers. You have to work hard for earning money through this app. Else, you may leave it.

11. ESPN Steak:

This application is available for both iOS and Android. Earning through this app depends on your prediction power. If you think you are a good fit for prediction for the winner of the sports competition every week, you can go ahead. If your prediction suits to reality, you would win a big prize.

12. Mint coins:

Mint coins app would allow you to earn money through your Smartphone. This is also one of the famous app where you can earn money. You can earn money by playing games for free. There are also other ways such as watching video, taking surveys, downloading apps, and registering on other websites etc.
There is the referral program via which you can also earn. By inviting per friend, you can earn $0.25, while your friend’s earning is $0.10 as a sign up bonus. The payment is made through PayPal. And the minimum payout is $1.

13. Cash king app:

Another way to earn money through your Android is Cash King App. This app will provide you with gift cards for Amazon. You can earn cash via PayPal. The method is simply watching videos and sharing those with friends. There are also movie trailers and commercial ads.

14. Cash Pirate:

Just start downloading apps and earn money through Cash Pirate App. You can also earn money by trying free products and watching videos. There are also the referral programs to increase your earnings. From each of your referrals, you can earn 10%. There is the 5% gaining from their referrals, thus leading to a business chain. You can promote this business on your social networking sites. When you have reached 2500 coins, you can withdraw your earnings via PayPal.

15. Money Machine:

Money machine also allows its users to earn money by downloading other apps, watching videos, and sharing those with their friends.


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