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How to port Mobile Number to Airtel, Vodafone, Idea, BSNL, Telenor, Aircel, Reliance Jio & all other networks

How to Port Mobile Number to Airtel or Vodafone or Idea or BSNL or Telenor or Aircel or Reliance Jio

how to port number

This time I am back with mobile number portability. In India, you can change from one network to another network without changing your phone number. all you have to do is a send a message from your number so that you will get your port number with which you can port. Many people port to airtel because it has got the strong network. there is only one process to port your number which works with all networks. so simply follow the simple steps and learn how to port to Airtel or Vodafone or idea or BSNL or Reliance or Jio or tata DoCoMo or whichever the network you want.

What is port:

Mobile number portability is nothing but changing your mobile network to another network with our changing your phone number. you can port to Airtel or port to Vodafone or port to BSNL or port to Jio or port to Idea or port to any other network. there are some rules to port your number to another network which I will explain below. so make sure you follow the rules & requirements to port your number.


Things to keep in mind before porting your number to any network:

  • Signal strength:
Make sure you have a proper signal so that you won't regrate after porting your number to the particular network. I personally feel that Airtel, idea, Vodafone & Jio has got the strong network among other networks
  • Offers:
Make sure you check the offers before porting your number to the network
  • Cost per call 

Requirements to port your number to any network

  • Unique 8 digit port code
  • ID Proof
  • Passport size Photo 

How to port mobile Number:

  • To port your number to any network you need to send a message
  • Open your messaging app on your phone and type PORT space and your phone number
  • EX: PORT 8341232228
  • After entering like the above format send the message to 1900 number.
  • After sending the message successfully you will get a unique 8 digit port code which is valid for 7 days.
  • Simply go to  the network office you want to change and they will give you a form
  • Enter the port code and all other details on that porting form & CAF form and submit them with the ID Proof & Photographs
  • If you are the postpaid user then you also need to take the last bill payment proof to get your number ported.
  • If everything is fine then the customer service will charge porting charges and they will give you the new sim.
  • The sim will be activated within 24hrs with the same number but with your ported network
Conditions for number porting:
  • Subscriber is allowed to port there number only after 90 days of sim activation
  • If the subscriber is postpaid user then there should not be any dues in the last bill payments
  • If you are prepaid customer then there should not be any due in loan
  • Subscribe is allowed to change in the same service area
Reasons for port rejection:
  • Unpaid pending bills
  • You have not finished 90 days your network
  • If you changed the ownership or address
  • If your porting request is not on same service area and some other reasons
Advantages of porting:
  • Without changing your number you can change to the network you want.
  • Better signal & offers if your previous network is not so good
  • The best network to port (suggestions)
How to get best offers on the same network without porting 
  • Simply do the port SMS from your number, within 48 hrs your network provider will call you asking for the reason.
  • If the reason is related to offers or calls cost then your network provider will give you the best offer which will make you convenience.
  • In this way, you can get the best offers if your problem is with offers/call cost
  • This is how I reduce my call cost in airtel network, they give the satisfying offer.
Top 10 telecom companies in India:
1. Airtel: Airtel is the 4th largest telecom network in the world
Number of subscribers in Airtel: 307+ Million

port to airtel

2. Reliance Communications: Jio is one of the growing telecom company India with attractive offers

port to reliance

port to jio

3. Vodafone: Vodafone is the second largest telecom service in India

port to vodafone

4. Idea Cellular

port to idea


port to bsnl

6. Tata Teleservice

port to aircel

8. Telenor

port to telenor

9. Videocon
10. MTNL: MTNL belong to the government of India which is established on 1986.


I think I have covered all the information related to porting your mobile number to another network. if I have missed any point then share it with us and feel free to share your experience about this mobile number portability guide.

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