Saturday, 28 October 2017

Amazon Pay Balance: Products Giving Amazon Pay Balance

Products Giving Amazon Pay Balance

products giving amazon pay balance

List of Products Giving Amazon Pay Balance:

Amazon Yippee Noodles Offer:

products giving amazon pay balance
  • Buy Yippee Noodles worth 10/- or 25/- & get amazon pay balance worth 10/- or 25/-
  • Goto the nearest general store and buy yippee noodles worth 10 or 25/-
  • If you buy yippee noodles worth 10/- you will get 10/- Amazon pay balance
  • If you buy Yippee Noodles worth 25/- then you will get 25/- Amazon pay balance
  • After buying carefully cut the cover and note the code which is present inside yippee noodles
  • Now go to the Amazon pay balance page and simply enter the code which you got.
  • that's it. you have successfully redeemed amazon pay balance from yippee noodles

Amazon Kitkat Offer:

amazon kitkat offer

Buy Kitkat worth 10/- & get 10/- Amazon Pay Balance
Buy Kitkat worth 25/- & get 25/- Amazon Pay Balance

How to redeem Kitkat Amazon Pay Balance:

  • First of all, Buy Kitkat with Amazon offer KitKat Offer Link | Amazon Offer Link
  • After that carefully unwrap the KitKat cover so that their won't be any misunderstanding in the Amazon unique code
  • Now go to Amazon website and click on Amazon Pay
  • Enter the Amazon Pay Balance unique code which you got with KitKat.
  • That's it. you have successfully redeemed amazon pay balance worth 10/25 

Pic Credits @ Abdullah Siddiqui

More Amazon Pay Balance Products Coming Soon...

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