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The best tricks for the Xiaomi Mi A1

The best tricks for the Xiaomi Mi A1

tricks for the Xiaomi Mi A1

Xiaomi has become one of the most important brands in the market. Although until recently they only sold officially in Asia, they have positioned themselves as one of the most sold worldwide. Now that they start selling in new markets, their sales will continue to increase. The launch of devices like the Xiaomi Mi A1 also helps. Recently, Xiaomi also influences to drone market by Xiaomi Yi Erida. They first presented last CES 2017 to dominate the market.

It is a phone of enormous importance for the firm. Since it is the first to have Android One. So the phone leaves MIUI and bets on pure Android. A moment that can be key for the company. That is why we leave you with the best tricks of this Xiaomi Mi A1.

A phone with a lot of potential like this deserves to get the most out of it. That's why we bring you a series of tricks to get the most out of this Xiaomi Mi A1. Ready to meet them?

Use the phone as a remote control

It is a most interesting function for which we need an application for it. We can turn the device into a universal remote control that we can use with any other device. From changing the channel on TV to increase the volume of another device. So it can be very useful.

Just download an application called Mi Remote. Thanks to it, it takes advantage of the infrared sensor of the Xiaomi Mi A1 and so we turn this device into a remote control in a very simple way.

Use the gestures

We can use the fingerprint sensor of this Xiaomi Mi A1 for many things. For many more than we think. Since it is certainly a way to make use of gestures. We can display the notification bar. Simply slide your finger down and it will come straight out. In order to enable this option you have to access the settings and select the option to swipe for notifications. In this way you can already enjoy it.

Blocks applications with the fingerprint sensor

The fingerprint sensor of the phone can serve us for many things as we have already told you. One of the most useful is blocking or unlocking applications. For this, we simply have to install an application that allows us to carry this out in a very simple way. There are quite a few applications available to block applications. But, if we want to use the fingerprint sensor to block applications, one of the best options to install on our Xiaomi Mi A1 is AppLock.

Use the FM radio

This Xiaomi Mi A1 does not have an FM radio, although this is not a problem since there is a way to be able to listen to the FM radio without the need of root or using mobile data. It is a series of very simple steps that allow us to enjoy the radio:

We open the phone application
Enter the code * # * # 6484 # * # *
A menu comes out and we slide to the end
We chose the FMRadio option
We connect the headphones
We choose the frequency we want to hear

We can already listen to the radio

The main problem with this option is that if we leave the screen the playback will be interrupted. But, for the rest, we can already enjoy the FM radio in our Xiaomi Mi A1 in a very simple way.

Change the density

That we change the density means that the amount of content shown on the screen changes. We can then see more or less content depending on what we decide. To do this we have to go to the settings and then to the screen. There, we have the possibility to increase or decrease the density.

By decreasing the solidity, you can see more content on the screen. If what we do is increase it, everything will be bigger and it will be more comfortable to read it. It depends on your preferences to choose one option or another.

This is our selection of tricks to get the most out of the Xiaomi Mi A1. We hope you find these tricks useful. What do you think?


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